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Wizard Sold

WIZARD OF REFLECTION, Assembled 2016 This washboard is a "found-objects" piece, some of which were given to me by friends. The dominant motif of the board is reflection, embodied by the chrome parts, and reflected by glass and clear plastic pieces. Two multi-colored lights are included, making this washboard stand out when shown in the dark. Light location on the board is customizable. Pricing:Contact Me, free shipping

Plug In sold


CARAVAN, Assembled 2013: This creation was made several years ago, shortly after I retired from the Post Office (more on my ABOUT page). The board started with a gold colored musical symbol I found in Fort Myers FL. Eventually other items, including matching camels, bottle caps, some amber jewelry, spoons, and strings of amber were added. I knew the piece was done when I found the fly. The ribbing of the board matches the camel backs, which I especially liked. Pricing:Contact me, free shipping

Bad Ass

BAD ASS, Assembled 2016: “That’s a Bad Ass board” my friend said to me. It stuck and became the board’s name. Rochester Public Market Garage Sale supplied many of the finds: a vintage doll hand, skull belt buckle, and old Christmas decoration star bursts. The washboard was from an estate sale, and the hub cap came from the flea market at Avon, NY. Flashing lights are included, and can be placed anywhere for night time viewing. Pricing:Contact Me, free shipping

Dead Zone Sold

DEAD ZONE, Assembled 2018: At a sale near Spencerport NY on the Erie Canal, I found a pair of gas masks. I knew they were perfect for a board! Months later I found a jar with insect carcasses and a small hornet’s nest, which I stored alongside the gasmasks. I knew these finds were destined to be on a washboard together. Included are two multi-colored flashing lights, to be placed among the dead things, anywhere you want them. Pricing:Contact Me. Pick up only!

fly sold

THE FLY, THE RAT AND THE SYRINGE, Assembled 2016 - The macabre feel of this board includes items found at flea markets during a trip from Rochester to Fort Myers. The scrubbing surface is a deep blue baked enamel. The flashing multi-colored lights are included for your customized placement on the board.


KEYS, Assembled 2013 - This piece is a glass washboard enhanced by keys collected from flea markets and house sales, each a tiny piece of art. They include all manner of keys, such as clock keys and skate keys. Other items were added for their nostalgic feel. Pricing:Contact Me, free shipping

My Eyes Have Seen You

MY EYES HAVE SEEN YOU, Assembled 2018 - The first items to grace this board were the right old door key plates, but when I found the “eye balls” the piece really came together. Mounting the eyes on old window locks powered by springs were the finishing touch, especially once I added the key ring. Permanent flashing lights are attached for darkened room viewing. Pricing:Contact Me, free shipping.

Untitled Sold

UNTITLED, Assembled 2016 - Looking into a dumpster from an attic window of an estate sale, I spotted an old doll. I had already collected the knife and paper fan, but before I left I fished the doll from the dumpster. The rusty board on which I was working was the best canvas for the eerie feeling I was creating. A flashing light (included) can be custom-set in several different places on the board before hanging. Pricing:Contact Me, free shipping


CURSED, Assembled 2018 - This is my first board on the theme of aging, which I started with the hard-plastic, wall-mounted face. After that I added the pretty, young and mysterious lady, the wicked frog and a lock that is rusted shut. Who knows what the secret is? A flashing light is included and can be custom-installed for a dramatic effect on the wall of a darkened room. Pricing:Contact Me, free shipping

photo credits: Dave Paprocki